In the cultures of the Far East, and especially China, bamboo is a symbol of flexibility,
lightness and strength. Why else would bamboo have been used for over 5,000 years
across the region. And with some surprising results, as we can see from the robust
framework of dwellings, the harmonious notes produced by musical instruments,
the flexibility of sports equipment and the attractive look and functionality
of the panelling for walls, roofs and floors. 
Sourcing products directly from areas
of China where the finest bamboo is cultivated, Floorbamboo selects, produces,
imports and spreads the culture of this extraordinary plant. Bamboo features
outstanding technical characteristics that will easily stand comparison with more
traditional materials like wood, offering innovative solutions for beautiful, hard-wearing
flooring creating future-proof interiors.

We believe that if Marco Polo, that great traveller, lover of the East and expert
on foreign lands, had known about this plant's exceptional qualities he would
certainly have included it as one of marvels he described in "THE MILLION",
and introduced it to the West. 
We can't possibly know if he would have laid
a bamboo floor in St. Mark's Square, but he would certainly have known how
to combine this plant's outstanding characteristics with Italian style and tastes.
Following in Marco Polo's footsteps, Floorbamboo has made a commitment
to spread the culture of this ancient eastern plant, offering flooring solutions
inspired by Far Eastern philosophy and Italian design.