The flooring solutions offered by Floorbamboo combine Eastern philosophy
and Italian design. This project is based on the eco-sustainable choice
of an ancient plant that is a timeless symbol of flexibility, lightness, strength
and durability - in fact, bamboo has also been described as "nature's steel".
It regenerates quickly, which prevents soil erosion, absorbs four times more
CO2 than forests and produces 35% more oxygen. For this reason it is believed
to play an important role in stabilising the Earth's atmosphere.
The aim of Floorbamboo has been to use research and technology to develop
all the qualities of this ancient plant to produce prestigious natural, durable
flooring with good looks and eco-friendly appeal. The result is a fusion of Eastern
philosophy and Italian design, creating products for future-oriented locations.
Just step on these floors and caress their surface to discover their strength, quality
and beauty. This large, varied collection will allow you to experience the sensations,
emotions and atmosphere of this ancient Oriental plant at its best.